What goals am I going to set to myself?

It´s not easy to answer this question because that makes a change of my destiny as you know, one decision changes your life. One goal is that I will apply this new knowledge that I adquired  in this TKT course.

When I started this course I felt out of this world because was not in touch with the language as a student for long time and I realised that we as teachers need to upgrade very often because the new generation is not the same as ten years before.
How much have I learnt?  I can not measure this knowledge  I just can express that it has been much enough to bring along with me to my high school classrooms. Also, I will start the following semester with a new methodology setting a new blog for my students where we can be in touch not only at classrooms hours even at afternoons and nights hours.
So, I think I  have grown in my career as a teacher but I need to consider what is the following step.

Also, I appreciate my facilitator Ellen to encourage all students to be updated. Thank you.

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Would you like to be in your classroom?

SURE… I would like to be there, my classroom is the place where I can feel my completely as a teacher, is like my second house, students are like my relatives, neighbors or friends. There, is the place where I spend most of my daylight time is where I share my ideas, learn how is the life nowadays, even learn who is the most famous singer nowadays for young people. I feel very glad when I am there because every single day there is a different story I listen to, every student greets in a different way depending on how is his/her day. There, is the place where I realize what is happening in town. I definitely like to be in my classroom, do you want to visit it?

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My personal learning

I know that for each one of us it is difficult to express how we learn something new but I think that this matter is one of the most important thing to improve oneself, why? Just because we realize that with some kind of ideas, sounds, pictures, etc we can associates images, whispers, rhythm, colors and special features to something and so we are aware that we are in a higher level of learning, thus we advance as human beings.

I have different learning styles, perhaps all of them but it depends on my humor the day that I conceive something new. I can mention them as follows: linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily kinesthetic, spatial, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist.

So, when we as teachers realize ourselves how we learn something new it is easier to facilitate to students an adequate didactic material for learning.

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How did I feel teamworking?

Uhh.. After a long vacation I come back to tell you about how did I feel when I was told I had to carry out several activities as teamwork. I have already experienced how to perform a teamwork…but when I started to search information about the subject I had to look for my brain started to work very fast and I got a strong headache. But later, what a surprise! it was just fiction such a teamwork and I said: what a relief!

Now, I can understand students who have a lot of homework to do before two weeks of vacation.

Note: if you are a teacher and a vacation is next, please do not ask your students a lot of homework.

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I apoligize my classmates

I have seen some blogs of my classmates in which I found that they have been doing their best to express their feelings, not taking care of grammar, therefore I believed  that we must write with no mistakes (it should be) but from now and on I will write more often because the most important thing is to participate, to express our thinking thru this via. But why some of us have not fulfilled with all our tasks? Maybe because we were afraid of making mistakes or maybe because we didn’t have something important or interesting to say but whatever we write in our blogs is an expression of our ideas. Our personality is expressed thru our letters we upload in our blogs.

I agree with a webpage found in internet which I also recommend (this is it wrote that a lot of people think that the way to learn English is to study, study, study. And then one day they’ll be perfect. Work, work, work. And then one day, far in the future, they will be successful. They will be 100% fluent and speak just like a native speaker. 100% Perfectly.

What a sad way to live your life.

Waiting for some day in the future, when you will be perfect is a fool’s goal because you will never be perfect. Yeah, that’s right. You will never be perfect.

Don’t feel bad. Being successful is not the same thing as being perfect.”

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The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the Association of Language Testers in Europe are two important branches of evaluation in which we can be tested to know how much knowledge and full command of English we have at the time of applying such examinations.

There are different needs of application depending on what we are involved and we want to be evaluated. As English teachers, it is important to know that these associations exist to test all skills we need to carry out and to get a better performance in our daily professional activities.

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Literature Circles

Literature circles are  a very good tool that a teacher can use to let students experience a different way of learning; also,  in order to avoid them to get bored. Carrying out  this  practice all learners  are involved in developing a subject, all of them must contribute with their particular point of view in which they help to enrich finding out the best solution to a problem.

This tool helps to students to be more supportive and confident because we know that each group is  very heterogeneous where we can find shy and easygoing pupils up to the most modest and sociable people.

In brief, it is a powerful tool to make a difficult task into an easy work.


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